Some major projects completed in the recent past

No Name of work/project and location Approx. Cost of work in Lacs Date of Completion
1. Water supply scheme project for Pithampur (P/L/J water main, construction of overhead tank and water treatment plant). Rs.8470 Lakhs Commissioned under Trial Run
2. P/L/J 1600-1400-1200-900-800-700mm dia MS (Lined coated )/D.I water main from Re-cycling plant. Haiderpur to Kirari UGR. Rs.5029 Lakhs 27.02.2012
3. P/L/J 900mm dia Feeder Main from Wazirabad WTP-II to existing UGR at Ramlila Ground. Rs.2573 Lakhs 30.04.2014
4. P/L/J peripheral water mains of dia 150mm to 1600mm dia emanating from Karala UGR Rs.2568 Lakhs 12.09.2018
5. Construction of 7.70 ML capacity UGR & BPS at Y-Block, Mangolpuri alongwith P/L/J peripheral water mains under the command. Rs.2500 Lakhs 04.09.2017
6. Replacement of 1000mm & 1500mm dia PSC water pipe lines emanating from Haiderpur in Stretches near Prashant Vihar, Delhi Cantt BPS, Mangolpuri, Meera Bagh & Carriappa Marg. Rs.2246 Lakhs 17.04.2014
7. Replacement of balance two stretches of old PSC 1500mm dia main carrying Treated effluent from STP Okhla to Tilak Bridge. Rs.2032 Lakhs 18.04.2019
8. Providing & Laying of Raw water & Clear water transmission mains (DI & MS Pipes) to METL Industrial Township at District Jhajjar, Haryana. Rs.1911 Lakhs Under commissioning
9. P/L/J 900-800-700-500-300-250-200mm dia Peripheral water mains for the villages on the command of UGR of Qutab Garh. Rs.1597 Lakhs 19.12.2012
10. Providing / Laying/ Jointing / Testing and Commissioning of Feeder Water Main for Shankar Vihar and Mahipal Pur Reservoir. Rs.1432 Lakhs 27.12.2017
11. Diversion of Utilities of water supply between Netaji Subhash Place, Shakur pur to Rohtak Road stretch) (L&T DMRC). Rs.1442 Lakhs 28-06-2014
12. Replacement / shifting of 900mm dia PSC Triplicate water main into 900mm dia MS pipe from Majnu Ka Teela Pontoon Bridge to Salim Garh Fort Delhi. Rs.1200 Lakhs 03.12.2015
13. Shifting of water mains 1500mm dia and 1000mm dia due to construction of Grade Separator at Dabri Intersection of Pankha Road and Road leading to Dwarka near Janakpuri. Rs.1090 Lakhs 25.05.2010
14. P/L/Jt. Peripheral water lines under the command area of Shahadra UGR. Rs.1071 Lakhs 03.03.2008
15. P/L/J peripheral main with D.I. Pipes 600mm dia for villages on the command of Daulatpur UGR. Rs.1001 Lakhs 25.07.2008
16. Providing, Laying and Commissioning of peripheral water lines under the command of 4.90 MG capacity UGR at Vishwakarma Park (Geeta Colony) in TYA. Rs. 941 Lakhs 12.01.2009
17. P/L/J peripheral water mains in the command area of Kirti Nagar UGR /BPS. Rs. 876.00 Lakhs 28.03.2013
18. Providing, Laying and Jointing 1500mm dia MS pipeline in the left out portion of Bhagya Vihar and Amar Colony in the raw water main of Dwarka W.T.P. Rs. 868 Lakhs 15-02-2020
19. P/L/J 1100-1000-900-700-500-350-300mm dia M.S./D.I/ C.I water main for peripheral water supply scheme of area under the command of Kirari UGR. Rs. 867.00 Lakhs 15.03.2012
20. Improvement of peripheral water main under the command of UGR and BPS (11.0 ML Capacity) at Sector-7 Rohini. Rs. 715 Lakhs 30.12.2015
21. Replacement of old PSC 900mm dia Mehrauli main & 600mm dia Munirka main from Deer Park BPS to outer Ring Road. Rs.623 Lakhs 17.05.2010
22. P/L/J peripheral water lines under command of existing & proposed Tahirpur UGR in NE-I DJB Rs.543 Lakhs 29.05.2006
23. P/L/J Peripheral water mains in the command area of Pitampura UGR. / BPS. Rs.461 Lakhs 10.01.2012
24. P/L/J peripheral water mains in E-17 (B) Sub Zone of Karawal Nagar on the command of 10 ML capacity UGR at Sonia Vihar in NE II, DJB Rs. 447 Lakhs 14.08.2006
25. Diversion of Fresh Water Pipeline from KM 15.0 to KM 16.50 (approx.) on Line No. 3, East-West MRTS Corridor, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited. Rs. 439 Lakhs 14.06.2004
26. P/L/J peripheral water mains in Sonia Vihar unauthorized colony on command of 10 ML capacity UGR at Sonia Vihar in NE II, DJB Rs. 406 Lakhs 20.05.2006
27. P/L/J peripheral water mains in Yamuna Vihar (E-14 Sub Zone) and E-17 (A) Sub Zone of Karawal Nagar in the command of 15 ML capacity UGR at Yamuna Vihar in NE-II, DJB. Rs. 367 Lakhs 12.08.2006
28. P/L/J 600-400-300-200-150-100mm dia peripheral water mains under the command of UGR & BPS at Mohan Garden. Rs.341 Lakhs 20.04.2007
29. Providing/laying and jointing peripheral water mains in Shastri Park (Brahm Puri) existing UGR of 2.31 MG capacity (Seelampur) Shahadra. Rs.330 Lakhs 21.05.2008
30. Replacement of 600mm dia damaged PSC water main from Baba Colony More to Burari UGR (Opposite A-5 R/Well). Rs.329 Lakhs 20.07.2014
31. P/L/J 600mm dia DI incoming water line for UGR at P-Block, Mohan Garden. Rs.313 Lakhs 20.10.2006
32. Replacement of 900mm dia old PSC Triplicate water main emanating from Wazirabad WW in between Shantivan to Samta Sthal stretch with 900mm dia MS lined and coated pipe Rs.304 Lakhs 08.07.2019
33. P/L/J 600mm dia D.I class K-9 feeder main from Kharkhari Round to UGR at Daulatpur. Rs.300 Lakhs 22.12.2006
34. P/L 300/250/200/150/100mm dia D.I. water line in JJC Bawana in AC-07 Bawana under EE(NW)-II Rs.235 Lakhs 17.06.2015
35. Replacement / shifting of 900mm dia Kilokari water main in front of Delhi Secretariat on service road near Ring Road, I.P. Estate fly over, New Delhi. Rs.174 Lakhs 13.05.2014
36. Providing & laying Peripheral water main under the command of underground reservoir at APMC, Azadpur. Rs.170 Lakhs 11.04.2014
37. P/L/J internal Sewer Line in Sadh Nagar Part-II in Palam area. Rs.167 Lakhs 19.01.2009
38. Replacement of old AC/Cast Iron water lines in Najafgarh Zone, Executive Engineer (South West)-I, Delhi Jal Board. Rs.157 Lakhs 13.08.2001
39. Providing, Laying & Jointing of 100 mm dia to 500 mm dia Cast Iron water main from tube wells in Iradat Nagar to existing 1000 mm dia water main at Bawana Narela Road, Executive Engineer (Water)Construction-VIII, Delhi Jal Board. Rs. 150 Lakhs 09.07.2003
40. P/L/J 900-800-750-600 mm dia MS peripheral water mains for Kalyan Puri, Khichripur & adjoining areas under command area at Gazipur UGR East-I Rs. 150 Lakhs 19.02.2006
41. P/L/J 800mm dia feeder main to Janakpuri reservoir and booster pumping station with D.I. Pipes. Rs.178 Lakhs 08.04.2008
42. P/L 800 to 250mm dia peripheral water main for Budh Vihar Phase-I and II in AC-06 Rithala under EE(NW)-II. Rs.147 Lakhs 05.08.2013
43. P/L/J 600mm dia Feeder Main from Chandpur to UGR & BPS at Sultanpur Dabas (Rural North Delhi). Rs.140 Lakhs 30.06.2007
44. Development of Classic Golf Resort on Manesar-Tauroo Road, Gurgaon, Haryana for Land base India Ltd. An ITC group company. Rs. 135 Lakhs 27.04.2000
45. Replacement of 150mm A.C. Water line with 300-250-200mm dia water line for Jharoda Kalan Village and Jharoda Road Colonies under Executive Engineer (South West)-II, Delhi Jal Board. Rs. 127 Lakhs 08.03.2014
46. P/L/J 900mm dia water line from WTP-III to Raw water pumping station for recycling plant at Wazirabad. Rs.120 Lakhs 10.06.2013
47. Providing water supply system in Zone A and Zone B of Phase V, DLF Qutab Enclave, Gurgaon, Haryana for DLF Industries Limited. Rs. 105 Lakhs 31.07.1994

Some Major Projects in Hand (Above Rs.100 Lacs)

S.No Name of work/project and location Approx. Cost of work
in Lacs
P/L Sewer line in F & D Block Mahaveer Enclave, Kailash Puri extn., Sagarpur and Durga Park in Dwarka Constituency.
Rs.5892 Lakhs
Replacement of old 900mm dia PSC Duplicate Main from Majnoo Ka Teela (Pontoon Pul) to Rajghat, Old Fort to Moolchand Flyover / GK UGR and 800mm dia Okhla Main from Barapullah Nallah to UGR, Okhla WTP.
Rs.5270 Lakhs
3. P/L/J of 1300mm dia feeder main emanating from Palla MBR for Holambi Kalan UGR to replace existing water mains upto Alipur Guest House.
Rs.4582 Lakhs
P/L sewer line in Madhu Vihar Group of Colonies in Palam Constituency falling under Dwarka W.W.T.P Sector -16 D, Dwarka.
Rs.3660 Lakhs
Providing sewerage facility in Shiv Enclave group of colonies.
Rs.3426 Lakhs
P/L/J 900/600mm dia MS/DI feeder main and various sizes of distribution mains for Bijwasan and Rajokari UGR/BPS.
Rs.3155 Lakhs
Replacement of 1000mm dia PSC Rising Main with 1000mm dia M.S. Lined & Coated Pipes from Bawana WTP to Karala OHT.
Rs.2811 Lakhs
Water Supply Distribution Network Scheme of Nagar Palika Nigam Dewas.
Rs.2150 Lakhs
Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning (SITC) of Ductile Iron Water Supply Pipe Lines and Associated Works at IGI Airport, New Delhi.
Rs.1079 Lakhs
10. Water distribution Scheme of Municipal Council, Biaora, Distt. Rajgarh, M.P.
Rs.979 Lakhs